The Latest and Greatest: Spectubular Technologies Develops Manufacturing Process that Delivers Filter Tubes with Slots as Small as 10 Microns

AFS Corporate Sponsor Spectubular Technologies, a division of Synfuels Americas, has developed a proprietary, fully automated manufacturing process that creates filter tubes with some of the smallest slots available on the market. Using a patented precision laser cutting process, the Spectubular production line creates tube filters with slots as small as 10 microns, making it especially useful for the manufacturing of pre-filtration, post-filtration and other micron filtration applications.

The Spectubular filter tubes offer several advantages over competing technologies:

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AFS Leadership Nominations Due March 11

One of the most important responsibilities AFS members have is to select new organization leaders. Through March 11, AFS is accepting nominations for six spots for two-year terms on the Board of Directors and the 2nd Vice-Chair, a four-year elected position that progresses from 2nd Vice-Chair to 1st Vice-Chair, Chair and ultimately to Past Chair.

Nominees for leadership in AFS include members who are active and can responsibly and proactively lead AFS into the future, advancing our mission of supporting the filtration and separations industry by providing rich opportunities for networking and the exchange of technical knowledge.

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SWM, Seven Others to Sponsor the 13th World Filtration Congress; Exhibit Space is Sold Out

While the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) is serving as official host of the 13th World Filtration Congress (WFC 13), eight companies are providing major sponsorships that are making the event possible. Originally scheduled in April of 2020, the rescheduled Congress will be held October 5-9, 2022, in San Diego, CA.

SWM has secured a Diamond Sponsorship. As a leading global performance materials company, SWM is focused on bringing best-in-class innovation, design, and manufacturing solutions to our customers. The company harnesses the power of engineering to help customers solve their most complex challenges. Through unparalleled know-how and deep collaboration with customers, SWM pushes the limits of what’s possible to help make air safer, water cleaner, and the earth greener. Their highly engineered films, adhesive tapes, foams, nets, nonwovens, and papers are designed and manufactured using resins, polymers, and natural fibers for a variety of industries and specialty applications. SWM and its subsidiaries manufacture on four continents, conduct business in over 90 countries, and employ approximately 5,000 people worldwide. For more information, visit

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Filtration Industry Gears Up for WFC 13

After an extended delay due to Covid, the 13th World Filtration Congress (WFC 13) is on track for a fully-fledged, in-person, industry-wide gathering in San Diego, October 5-9.

WFC 13 is the leading filtration conference for technical programming and includes seven plenary and 30 keynote presentations, and more than 300 technical presentations in addition to student and industry poster presentations delivered by experts from around the globe. The expo will showcase the latest filtration and separations technologies and equipment, and networking opportunities will bring together senior executives, end-users, corporate members, engineers, scientists, students, marketing managers, policymakers and strategy directors. 

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A Quick Look at Stainless-Steel Filter Cloth

Guest blog from Maishi Manufacturing, AFS Corporate Sponsor 

Have you ever encountered problems when choosing filter cloth? Do you often wonder which type of filter cloth best fulfills your needs? What are the factors that influence your decision? 

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Message from the Chair: What’s Ahead in 2022

Guest blog from Jeni Wong, Chair of AFS. Jeni has been an active AFS member since 2014, serving as Co-Chair of the 2017 Spring Conference and as a Board member since 2018. She also is active in ASHRAE, serving on the Technical Committee (TC 2.4) as the Membership Chair since 2017 and Voting Member since 2019.

As we start a third year of responding to and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, I am proud to be a professional in an industry on the front line of protecting human health and devising innovations to defend the world against this disease. Especially in the air quality and pharmaceutical sectors, but in other areas as well, filtration is leading the charge to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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The Latest and Greatest: John Crane CFD Polymer Melt Filtration Systems Increase Polycarbonate Production

Polycarbonates are thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. They are strong, tough materials, and some grades are optically transparent. In addition, they are easily worked, molded and thermoformed, and because of these properties, polycarbonates can be used in many applications. 

Polycarbonates are becoming increasingly important and popular as an environmentally friendly (recyclable) polymer. The global demand for polycarbonates was estimated at 4.6 million tonnes in 2019, and it is forecasted to increase to 5.5 million tonnes by 2024. This growth in demand is creating opportunities for technologies that enable increases in production capacity. 

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World Filtration Congress 13 Accepting a Limited Number of Abstracts for Oral Presentations

Scheduled as an in-person conference in San Diego, October 5-9, 2022, the 13th World Filtration Congress is now accepting a limited number of abstract submissions for oral technical and oral symposia presentations. While many of the presentations originally scheduled for the April 2020 conference are still in the program, there are a few openings for new submissions.

Submissions for student poster presentations are now being accepted for review.

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Upcoming AFS Short Courses: Designing Filter Media for Air Filtration, Air Filter Design Process

The AFS is presenting two two-hour short courses in December: “Designing Filter Media for Air Filtration” and “Air Filter Design Process,” both taught by air filtration expert Thad Ptak.

These courses are designed for people who are new to the filtration industry, either in technical, sales, or business functions.  They are also good courses for those who have been in the industry for a while to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of filter media and how they can be used for practical applications.

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In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Darrell Reneker

The AFS extends its condolences to the family and friends of Professor Emeritus Darrell Reneker, who passed away on October 17 at the age of 91. 

Professor Reneker began his career during WWII as an electrical engineer, having earned his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University. He returned to graduate school and earned his Ph.D. in solid state physics at the University of Chicago 1959, where he was classmates with the famed astrophysicist Carl Sagan.

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Signature AFS Short Course: Introduction to Solid/Liquid Separation, a Four-Part Course

For many years, the AFS has been the go-to source for several foundational short courses. Among them is Introduction to Solid/Liquid Separation, which will be taught in November as a four-part series. The course will be taught by filtration industry veterans Dr. Wu Chen, Dr. Wenping Li, Chris Wallace and Dr. Lin Zhao.

This course is informative and easily understood due to the extensive industrial, practical and teaching experiences of instructors. This course would be appropriate for all job functions, especially those new to filtration or an experienced professional who is looking for more understanding of filtration and competing technologies.

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Message from the Chair: Driving the Filtration Industry Forward with Knowledge Sharing

Jeni Wong, ChairGuest blog from Jeni Wong, Chair of AFS. Jeni assumed the role of Chair last month and will serve in this position until September 2022. She has been an active AFS member since 2014, serving as Co-Chair of the 2017 Spring Conference and as a Board member since 2018. She also is active in ASHRAE, serving on the Technical Committee (TC 2.4) as the Membership Chair since 2017 and Voting Member since 2019.

As I move into the Chair role for AFS, I cannot help but reflect on how much has changed since I first joined in 2014. At that time, I was new to the filtration industry and looking to bolster my knowledge base in every way possible. I had met Rahul Bharadwaj (former Chair of AFS and current Senior Applications Engineering Manager at Lydall) and, though we both participate in other industry organizations and committees, he could not stop singing the praises of one in particular – AFS. His excitement for the important work that was being done was contagious, and I quickly became more and more involved myself. I realized that AFS was different because of the exceptional dedication of volunteers to not only furthering their own professional interests but also to truly building a better industry together.

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Next AFS Southeast Chapter Meeting: New Structures and Fiber Materials for Filter Media in Different Areas of Application

The next meeting of the Southeast Chapter of the American Filtration & Separations Society is scheduled for Thursday, October 7, from 10:00 to 11:00 am central time. This virtual meeting is free to AFS members and $15 for non-members.

The topic will be "New Structures and Fiber Materials for Filter Media in Different Areas of Application," presented by Tobias Thiem of Norafin Industries.

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New AFS Short Course: Filtration & Separation Media Types, Uses and Global Markets

The AFS is presenting the short course, “Filtration & Separation Media Types, Uses and Global Markets,” taught by Edward C Gregor of Edward C. Gregor & Associates.

This course is designed for novice and intermediate filtration specialists or non-technical professionals who want a more in-depth understanding of filter media and their uses.  The course covers media, applications and market trends for technologies in plastic medias, membranes, filter aids and precoats, nonwovens, monofilament fabrics, ceramics, wetlaid, and wire cloths. This course will help you learn terminology, growth areas, and critical aspects for the use of each media covered using specific examples.

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AFS Announces Executive Leadership for 2021-2022 Year

The American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) is pleased to announce the executive leadership team and rising board of directors for the coming year. Their terms begin this month.

Jeni Wong, Key Account Manager at Johns Manville, who has served as both 2nd Vice Chair and 1st Vice Chair, will assume the role of Chair for the coming year. Jeni leads key accounts for filtration and separation at Johns Manville and manages the glass and synthetic product lines (with a focus on air applications) globally.

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A Message from the Chair: The Year in Review

As I conclude my year as Chair of the American Filtration Society, I’d like to take the opportunity to commend our organization and our many volunteers, sponsors and staff who continued to support and promote the missions of AFS in the past year.

When I assumed the role of Chair one year ago, we were six months into the COVID-19 pandemic with little understanding of how the virus would expand and persist. In February of this year, we entered a second year of the pandemic, and continued to explore new ways to engage with our members and distribute technical knowledge and filtration education. In a time when filtration couldn’t be more important, we bolstered our commitment to providing the resources necessary to maintain the flow of information, the building of professional relationships and the mentoring of tomorrow’s filtration leaders.

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Get the Most from Your Membership: Join an AFS Committee!

When you join AFS, you’ve taken only the first step to realizing value from your membership. Conference and short course discounts, access to continuing education and networking opportunities are all great reasons to join AFS. But people who get the most from their AFS memberships are those who join a committee and form long-lasting bonds with other AFS members. Joining a committee helps create relationships that can expand your access to knowledge and industry developments, and foster activity for your career and business. And by bringing your experience to the committees, AFS benefits as well.

AFS currently maintains the following committees:

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Long-Time AFS Supporter and Filtration Student Mentor, Professor George Chase Retires from the University of Akron

Professor George ChaseThe American Filtration and Separations Society wishes to extend its sincere congratulations and warm appreciation to Professor George Chase, as he retires from a long and distinguished career with the University of Akron (UA).

Professor Chase joined UA in 1989 as Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, a post he held until his recent retirement. For the past four years, he also has served as interim director of Research Initiatives and president of the University of Akron Research Foundation.

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On-Demand Filtration Courses Available in the AFS Learning Center

The AFS Learning Center provides a great wealth of technical knowledge for filtration and separations professionals. Our hub of educational resources represents the many years of technical knowledge we have assembled.

The AFS Learning Center contains two-hour and four-hour virtual courses on a variety of topics designed to educate both novice and expert filtration professionals and taught by leading experts in the filtration industry. Courses are priced affordably with discounts for AFS members and for the employees of AFS Corporate Sponsors. Learn more about joining as an individual or becoming a corporate sponsor here.

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Membrane Fouling and Cleaning Short Course on August 31

The AFS is presenting a new short course, “Membrane Fouling and Cleaning,” which will be taught by industry veteran Peter Cartwright.

Plant operators often deal with expensive elements fouling prematurely, creating additional maintenance expenses. This course will provide an understanding of the mechanisms of fouling of crossflow, pressure-driven membrane elements. Attendees will learn numerous strategies for minimizing fouling and cleaning membranes.

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