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Math2Market GmbH
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MATH2MARKET GmbH is a leader in providing software and consulting solutions for the design of innovative filter media, and for the improvement of filtration processes from its location in Kaiserslautern, Germany, near Frankfurt. Math2Market’s team of mathematicians and physicists, with an extensive research background, develops and supplies the GeoDict® software for R&D in numerous industries. For the filtration industry, Math2Market supports pioneering digital filter development and design to improve pressure drop, efficiency, and lifetime of filters, while at the same time greatly reducing, or even eliminating, expensive and time-consuming experimental testing.

Math2Market’s software GeoDict® only needs user-defined specifications, micro-CT and FIB/SEM images of filter media, or CAD models of filter elements to produce structural models of filter elements, pleats, and media (nonwoven, woven, metal and plastic meshes, synthetic media and papers, ceramics, open-cell foams, membranes, gradient materials…). Then, it analyzes pore size distribution, bubble point, fluid flow, pressure drop, particle capture, MPPS, depth filtration, clogging, dust holding capacity, and cake formation in the digital models. Gas filtration (air: DPF, HVAC) or liquid filtration (oil filter, hydraulic filters, sludge filtration, water, blood…) processes are simulated taking into account fluid density and viscosity, Brownian motion, inertial impaction, electrostatic forces, adhesion forces, and particle size and mass distribution. The possibilities of digital non-destructive testing are virtually boundless.

Math2Market software products are a worthwhile new technological strategy, used by internationally renowned manufacturers in the filtration industry to optimize processes, to cut prototyping and R&D costs, to accelerate the design of filters and filter media greatly, and to boost their competitive edge.

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