Unique Wire

Website:  https://www.uniquewire.com/
Contact:  Ken Beyer
Phone:  908-688-4600
Email:  [email protected] 

Unique Wire
762 Ramsey Avenue
Hillside, NJ 07025

Unique Wire Weaving Company is a U.S. manufacturer of industrial wire mesh and specializes in filter cloth, woven down to 10 micron retention. Various metals and alloys woven include Stainless Steels, Nickel based (ex. Monel & Inconel), high temperature and corrosion resistant (ex. Haynes 25, Hastelloy, Titanium & Tantalum) as well as precious metals. We welcome custom weaving, R&D and prototype work, as well as fabrications. Unique is a family owned business since 1946, and has the experience to assist you with engineering and selection, as well as immediate shipment from our woven stock inventory of over 500 items. Quality control is per ISO 9001, ASTM E2016, ASTM E2814, DFARS compliant melt origin, ITAR certified, and in-house certified bubble point testing per SAE ARP901b.