Professional SME Recognition 

Read more about Speaking, Publishing and Teaching by clicking on the below links.

SpeakingSubmit an abstract to be considered to present at FiltCon, AFS' annual showcase where attendees present, learn and discuss the latest technical updates in filtration and separation.

PublishingWrite a One-Minute Filtration article, contribute a guest blog post for A Filtered Life, or post interesting topics for discussion on the AFS LinkedIn page and group.

Teaching: AFS offers opportunities to teach through our Short Courses and online training on the Learning Center. AFS courses go into detail about filtration, separation and coalescent topics  difficult to find elsewhere, especially at this level of expertise. If you are an expert or industry veteran in filtration and separations and are interested in teaching a course, contact AFS.
Awards & Recognitions: AFS has several awards to recognize those at the top of the industry: 
Frank Tiller Award – Leadership in Engineering and Education
Wells Shoemaker Award – Service and Leadership in Action
Senior ScientistFor Significant Contributions to the Technology of Filtration and Separation
Young Scientist For Important Contributions to the Technology of Filtration and Separation
New Product Award/Engineering Merit Award 
For the companies that have made the most significant new product introduction in the previous year.