Contact: Mike Millard

Phone: 845-296-1065
Email: [email protected]

Bopp USA, Inc.
4 Bill Horton Way
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Bopp USA Inc. is the US headquarters and warehouse for Bopp & Co AG., Zurich, Switzerland, the premier manufacturer of precision woven wire mesh and custom fabrications with 125 years weaving expertise. Bopp commands the largest capacity for fine wire weaving available, stocking thousands of various specifications and alloys, including the world’s finest square mesh with aperture size range from 16 mm down to an opening of .0008” or 20 microns. Available in 40”, 48”, 60, and for some finer specifications, up to 100” wide. State-of-the-art equipment and technical specialists allow for the following weaving capabilities in various alloys including, stainless steel, heat resistant steels, CrNi alloys, pure nickel, monel, copper, aluminum, titanium and precious metals:

  • Sintered woven mesh (Robusta, Poremet and Absolta*)
  • Square mesh
  • Filter mesh
  • Twilled Dutch Weave
  • Plain Dutch Weave
  • Calendered
  • Betamesh
  • Custom Fabrication & Services

Bopp’s wire mesh begins with raw materials from wires drawn in-house permitting 100% traceability and quality control and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Poremet and Absolta, including its welded seam, are certified safe to use in contact with any type of food