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Testimonials from AFS Corporate Sponsors

What motivated your company to become a Corporate Sponsor of the American Filtration and Separations Society?

  • AFS Corporate Sponsorship is a superb way to support the filtration industry and to gain exposure in the U.S. marketplace
  • Sponsorship provides a more broad understanding of our business and our customers’ business
  • AFS hosts quality educational programs, short courses, seminar and conferences. These programs advance overall knowledge of the state-of-the-art and are aimed at transferring technology across market boundaries
  • The Buyer’s Guide on the AFS website puts us front and center with thousands of specifiers and buyers
  • We like the free webinars and Market Landscape Reports that we receive. Nowhere else in the industry can we get this type of information at any cost used by all of our employees
  • As a filtration products manufacturer, it is in our best interest. The overall cost is insignificant compared to the benefits and impact the membership has on our business
  • The Society funds joint technical work on filtration
  • Environment of the Society
  • We became a corporate member to stay informed of the needs and changes in the filtration applications that our customers are experiencing
  • Membership offers a way to stay in touch with our industry
  • The opportunity to become recognized as a manufacturer of nonwoven filtration media, and ultimately increased business in the industry
  • We like the HUGE amount of savings we receive from posting job openings on the AFS website. Every new employee pays for membership many times over
  • The movement of filtration along a road from art toward science
  • Offers us a place to give papers in a respected forum
  • More technical attention to our area of filtration, namely porous metal elements in heavy duty process applications
  • Our selfish interest in the better promotion of all filtration activities in the U.S. A healthy filter climate can only help all of us
  • The Society hosts local and national meetings. Our company name is included in AFS publications
  • Our company wanted to support a national organization that is willing to address the filtration industry’s needs.
  • The industry needs a strong common voice for benefit of all.
  • Our company feels a responsibility to support industry activities that help grow our business.
  • Technical presentation on new and emerging filtration applications, mechanisms, etc.
  • We feel major benefit of corporate membership in the attainment of goals or quality and service in a market often dominated by price
  • Acknowledgement by the industry and to the industry that our company is a player in the filtration game.
  • To gain knowledge of filtration technology and advances before our competition
  • To gain recognition by the filtration community of the role our company intends to play as a leader in filtration. Also to make meaningful contributions to the Society where possible
  • As a supplier to the filtration industry, this offers us the best access to our customer base. In order to know what the industry needs we must keep informed and the Society provides an excellent format for us
  • Our company expects to become a world leader in filtration. It is believed that involvement with the American Filtration Society will enhance the company’s image of technical leadership
  • As an industry leader, we must participate/contribute to maintain that role and image
  • Annual publications of the latest techniques, materials and activities involved in the particle separation field
  • Technical and business seminars devoted specifically to particle separation. A clearing house of information involving filtration worldwide.
  • As a corporate member, our company would like to see the American Filtration and Separations Society become the supporting organization for quality standards in the filtration industry. By this, I would not refer to specific test results. Rather, I refer to standards of production quality and consistency of product and service in the marketplace