Contact: Cummins Filtration Customer Assistance Department
Phone: 1-800-22FILTER (1-800-223-4583)

Cummins Filtration Inc.
25 Century Boulevard
Nashville TN 37214, USA

Cummins Filtration Inc., a Cummins company, is a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration and exhaust systems and replacement parts.

The company’s product line includes: air and liquid filters, coalescers and separators; exhaust and emission control products, and accessories for medium and heavy duty mobile equipment, small engines, automotive applications, and air intake systems and exhaust products for gas turbines and industrial applications.

Cummins Filtration continuously makes every effort to exceed the needs and expectations of global customers by offering services, expertise and innovative products in filtration, acoustics, and engine emission control that provide the lowest total operating costs to the end user.

As a division of a major engine company, Cummins Filtration is globally positioned to serve our customers through production facilities and distribution centers around the world.