13th World Filtration Congress Introduces Three Symposia to Premier Filtration Event

As the rate of technological advance continues to increase exponentially, there are few disciplines that are expected to keep up with as great an amount and variety of needs. Filtration and separations represent one of those disciplines. Our innovations are critical to countless applications in hundreds of industries, from biopharmaceuticals to emission control, from space travel to freshwater scarcity, and from power generation to virus filtration. There is hardly a pollution, contamination or environmental problem that cannot be prevented or remediated through the use of filtration and separation technologies.

The International Delegation on Filtration (INDEFI) was founded by filtration professionals in France, UK and the United States and created the first World Filtration Congress in 1974. Its prime mission is to share information and keep up with the increasing problem-solving demands of filtration and separations technology. INDEFI now includes 13 member countries – Austria, Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, South Korea, Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), UK and the Unites States. Held every four years, this gathering is like no other filtration event due to the extraordinary array of technical and educational offerings and based on the number of countries and industries represented among the thousands of attendees.

World Filtration Congress 13 is a standout even among World Filtration Congresses because for the first time it has added three symposia to the typical lineup of presentations. The symposia will spotlight health, energy and the environment as critical areas of human development for which F&S play a pivotal role.

“The goal of the World Filtration Congress is to link together people who provide technology and have a first-hand understanding of filtration challenges with people who are looking for solutions,” said Wallace Leung, Chair of the 13th World Filtration Congress.

The health symposium includes presentations on medical devices, biomedical applications, biotechnology and bioprocessing, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and sterilization. The energy symposium includes presentations on separations in refining and processing fossil fuels, nuclear power, renewable energy, transportation, and regulations. The environment includes presentations on water scarcity, water reuse, air and water pollution control, standards, legislation and economics.

Registration is underway at www.wfc13.com. Early bird registration discounts apply through June 18.

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