A Quick Look at Stainless-Steel Filter Cloth

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Have you ever encountered problems when choosing filter cloth? Do you often wonder which type of filter cloth best fulfills your needs? What are the factors that influence your decision? 

The choice of filter cloth material is usually dictated by the filtering goal. For example, for filtering stones in mining applications, metal screens may be more appropriate due to strength demands. For filtering medicine and/or food, the flexibility and low toxicity of polyester may be more suitable. On the other hand, polyester filter mesh, for certain applications, can be used for fine filtration in the oil and mining industries, and metal mesh screen can also be used in some cases for food or pharmaceutical applications. The specific application determines which one to use. Metal screens have large hardness and tension, resist deforming and are long-lasting. Polyester mesh is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion, and is soft and malleable, especially in water filtration. 

MAISHI Group produces high-quality filter cloth, including polyester filter mesh, nylon filter mesh and stainless-steel filter mesh. 

To take a closer look at stainless-steel mesh, MAISHI Group produces a wide variety of products for various applications. 

Common applications of stainless-steel wire mesh: 

  • Screening and filtering in under acidic and alkaline conditions
  • Mud dewatering in petroleum industry
  • Screening and filtering in chemical industry
  • Screening and filtering in pickling process in galvanizing industry


The classification of stainless-steel wire mesh:

By chemical composition:

  • CR Series: ferrite series, martensite series
  • CR-NI Series: austenitic series, abnormal series, precipitation hardening series

By microstructure:

  • austenitic stainless steel
  • ferritic stainless steel
  • martensitic stainless steel
  • duplex stainless steel
  • precipitation hardening stainless steel

By weaving type:

  • plain weave
  • twill weave
  • plain dutch weave
  • twill dutch weave
  • reversed dutch weave

Available sizes for stainless-steel wire mesh from MAISHI Group:

Plain weave

0.5mesh x 0.5mesh to 635mesh x 635mesh

Twill weave

20mesh x 20mesh to 400mesh x 400mesh

Plain dutch weave

10mesh x 64mesh to 80mesh x 700mesh

Twill dutch weave

20mesh x 250mesh to 400mesh x 2800mesh

Reversed dutch weave

48mesh x 10mesh to 720mesh x 150mesh

Available Material

SUS304, 304L, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS310, SUS310S, SUS302


About MAISHI Group

Established in 1986, MAISHI Group is committed to quality manufacturing and excellent customer service. After 30 years of innovation-driven development, we have become China's leading manufacturer and exporter of wire mesh. We offer innovative services in industries and processes that require highly customized solutions in filtration and separation. If you have any questions regarding filter cloth, please feel free to contact us.

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