On-Demand Filtration Courses Available in the AFS Learning Center

The AFS Learning Center provides a great wealth of technical knowledge for filtration and separations professionals. Our hub of educational resources represents the many years of technical knowledge we have assembled.

The AFS Learning Center contains two-hour and four-hour virtual courses on a variety of topics designed to educate both novice and expert filtration professionals and taught by leading experts in the filtration industry. Courses are priced affordably with discounts for AFS members and for the employees of AFS Corporate Sponsors. Learn more about joining as an individual or becoming a corporate sponsor here.

The beginning and advanced courses include:

Basic Courses

  • Introductions to Solid/Liquid Separation - Parts I and II
  • Introduction to Air and Gas Filtration Systems - Parts I, II, III, and IV
  • Automatic Filtration Technologies for the Fluid Process Industries
  • Aspects of Filter and Media Design for Air Filtration

Membrane Courses

  • Membrane Separation Technologies for Non-Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • Membrane Separation Technologies for Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Technologies for the Filtration Industry

Technology Courses

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

In addition to the on-demand courses, the AFS Learning Center offers access to conference proceedings, with those from AFS FiltCon 21 now available for purchase either as full video files or PDFs only.

Also included are dozens of free OMFs (one-minute filtration articles), such as Water Contamination in Fuel: Cause and Effect, Fundamentals of Gas Filtration: Particle Capture Mechanisms, and Filters and their Efficiency and Life Ratings.

If you have questions about using the AFS Learning Center, email Lyn Sholl at [email protected].  

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