Jeni Wong, ChairGuest blog from Jeni Wong, Chair of AFS. Jeni assumed the role of Chair last month and will serve in this position until September 2022. She has been an active AFS member since 2014, serving as Co-Chair of the 2017 Spring Conference and as a Board member since 2018. She also is active in ASHRAE, serving on the Technical Committee (TC 2.4) as the Membership Chair since 2017 and Voting Member since 2019.

As I move into the Chair role for AFS, I cannot help but reflect on how much has changed since I first joined in 2014. At that time, I was new to the filtration industry and looking to bolster my knowledge base in every way possible. I had met Rahul Bharadwaj (former Chair of AFS and current Senior Applications Engineering Manager at Lydall) and, though we both participate in other industry organizations and committees, he could not stop singing the praises of one in particular – AFS. His excitement for the important work that was being done was contagious, and I quickly became more and more involved myself. I realized that AFS was different because of the exceptional dedication of volunteers to not only furthering their own professional interests but also to truly building a better industry together.