AT&M Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.


Contact:  Alice Yan
Email:  [email protected]

AT&M Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 76, Xueyuannanlu
Haidian District, Beijing 100081


AT&M Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (AEET) is a hi-tech company held by Advanced Technology & materials Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000969), under control of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI), a state-owned company founded in 1952.

AEET is always engaged in energy cleaning utilization and clean energy technology. Our filtration business mainly focus on: 1, R&D and manufacturing of advanced porous metal materials and components 2, Development on three -phase Filtration and separation technologies 3, Designing and manufacturing of filtration system. Through the efforts of our technical teams, we’ve developed patented high precious Fe-Al filter elements, metal mesh filter elements, high flux metal membrane, S-Zorb filters, GDL, etc., widely used in industries such as petrol chemical, coal chemical, manufacturing, fuel cell …... Since 2012 AEET’s metal filters have been adopted in Shell process with excellent performance, as a replacement of imported filters.

For over 60 years’ R&D and industrialization, AEET has solved hundreds of thousands of complex filtration problems for RELIANCE, KOWEPO, PLUG POWER, PETRO CHINA, SINOPEC, CNOOC, etc., and built a competent international service team. Our manufacturing center is located in Beijing Hi-Tech Industry Park, welcome to visit!