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Mott Corporation
84 Spring Lane
Farmington, CT 06032-3159, USA

About Mott:

Mott Corporation has been dedicated to the development, application and refinement of porous metal media since 1959. It consists of two divisions; the Industrial Division which produces large chemical filtration systems and specialty porous devices, and the High Purity Division which produces filters for semiconductor quality gases.

Mott obtained ISO 9001 Certification status in May, 1997 from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited and was recertified in May, 2000.

The Company specializes in the stainless steel and higher corrosion resistant alloys (such as Hastelloy® and Inconel®) for the manufacture of their porous metal products. Mott has also added porous metal fiber filters to its product offering for applications requiring gas/solid separations.

The principal market for the Company’s products and technology is filtration, but its products have diverse applications in fields such as flow metering, web transport, gas-to-liquid contacting, venting, wicking, silencing, fluidizing, and many other applications.

Mott manufactures porous metal shapes, air bearings and vacuum devices, flow restrictors, gas/liquid contacters, and a wide range of filtration products such as precision filter elements, sampling filters, polymer filters, high purity filters, and large industrial and instrumentation filters.

Our products can be found in such industries as chemical processing, textile mill products, transportation equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, medical/surgical equipment, food/beverage products, printing and publishing, chromatography equipment and supplies, petroleum refining and coal mining.

Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.
Inconel is a registered trademark of International Nickel Co., Inc.