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As a an active member of the AFS Society, you are invited to volunteer to one of the below committees. Please login and complete the volunteer form.


Articles and By-laws – Chair, Jim Walker

Shall ensure that the Articles and By-laws of the Society are consistent with the purpose and needs of the Society.

Chapter Affairs – Chair, Wenping Li

Shall represent the local chapters at the National Board of Directors meetings and organize, coordinate and implement with the local chapters programs to support their activities and growth.  The Committee will annually prepare a listing of National Board of Directors members and assign them each to a local chapter closest to their region to reinforce the support of National AFS at a local level.

Education – Chair, Wu Chen

Shall plan and implement educational programs of benefit to all persons concerned with filtration and separation.  The Committee shall also develop and conduct programs with academic institutions in the Americas to encourage the development and furtherance of the technologies of filtration and separation, and shall encourage and assist students and faculty engaged in these technologies.

Finance Committee – Chair, Todd Furbee

Shall recommend financial policies, annually audit the financial transactions, shall arrange for and have conducted an external audit, and shall assist the Treasurer in long-range planning.

Marketing and Communications – Chair, Felicia Littlejohn

Shall develop and oversee programs and activities to promote the Society to the filtration and separations industries and communicate with and promote the Society’s activities and programs to our membership with the industry at large.  This will include the management of the AFS newsletter, website, press releases and related activities. 

Membership – Chair, Rob Bender

Shall conduct programs directed toward recruiting new individual members and effectuating membership renewal.  The Committee shall also recruit and support active participation by leading companies in the field of filtration and separations.  This committee shall act as the interface between the Corporate Sponsors and the Society.

Program – Chair, Kirsten Kulik

Shall organize, prepare and plan all technical and logistics phases of AFS Conferences, Special Topic Meetings and short courses.  The Committee shall present programs of scientific and applied research activities, shall encourage the participation of filtration and separations equipment and systems manufacturers, users and researchers in such programs, and shall, in conjunction with the Educational Committee, present tutorial programs of scientific and economic interest. 

Publications – Chair, Rahul Bharadwaj

Shall maintain and update the master calendar, shall publish a newsletter containing, among other subjects, Chapter and industry information, and shall encourage the publication of both scientific and applied research papers in recognized scientific journals.

Users Committee – Chair, Sebastian Stahl

Shall encourage the participation of filtration and separations end users in Society functions and advise the AFS Board of Directors in developing programs to increase the activity and membership of vendors and end-users.  This Committee shall also conduct and annual New Product/Engineering Merit competition and recognition program for Corporate Sponsors of the Society.  This Committee shall also administer the AFS “Uncle” program for the local chapters to present papers, market AFS and recruit new members for the Chapters and Society.