AFS Student Poster Awards, Spring 2017 AFS Conference

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The AFS sponsors a student poster competition at the Spring and Fall AFS Conferences.  Students are invited to submit abstracts for either student oral/poster or poster only submission.  Each student who submits a poster receives a waived conference registration.  The student poster competition takes place on Tuesday evening from 6 – 8 pm.  There were 15 students who participated in the spring competition.

Four students received awards and three students received honorable mention.  The following individuals received awards on Wednesday morning, prior to the plenary sessions:

1st place – Ashish Gadhave, The University of Akron, Coalescence of Dispersed Water Drops in Diesel Fuel Using Electrowetting Phenomena

2nd place – Ahne Joerg, University of Waterloo, Electrospun Ceria Nanofibers for Diesel Soot Filtration

3rd place (tied) – Emrah Sozumert, Loughborough University, Micro-scale Modeling of Flow Behavior through Nonwovens Coupled Fluid-structure Interaction

3rd place (tied) – Ben Tan, University of Waterloo, Evaluation of Laser Based Particle Sensors

The following students received honorable mention:

Chenxing Pei, University of Minnesota, Effect of Relative Humidity on Loading Characteristics of Cellulose Filter Media by Hydroscopic Salt Particles

Xiaobo Dong, University of Kentucky, Using a Bio-derived Solvent to Cast Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membranes

Lauren McIntyre, Clemson University, Development of a Web-based Cross Flow Filter Performance Calculator

Congratulations to all who participated in the student poster competition!