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Contact: Gurminder Minhas, Managing Director
Phone: (604) 806-0261

Performance BioFilaments
British Columbia Office
Suite 1120, 700 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6C 1G8

Québec Office
Suite 5000, 111 Duke Street
Montréal, QC
Canada H3C 2M1

About Performance BioFilaments Inc.

Performance BioFilaments Inc (PBI) is commercializing a process for the production of nano-fibrillated cellulose.  PBI utilizes lignin free softwood kraft pulp as a starting material and mechanically converts this material into nano-fibrillated cellulose, which is nano scale in width and micro scale in length.  This results in a material with extremely high aspect ratio and surface area.  These characteristics allows for network formation of the filaments amongst other larger fibers used in filtration media.  This enables the tailoring of pore sizes in the media, as well as increases in the bond strength between the larger fibers in the network.  Combined, these two effects could result in significantly improved filtration performance as well as improvements in the fiber network strength.  The material is available for evaluations in wet and dry form.

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