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Sals Technology & Engineering, LLC
1360 Union Hill Road, Suite 1A
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Contact: Huy Huynh

Phone: 678-896-8476


A Solution Provider of Clean Water using Advanced Technologies

Biography – Huy Huynh has over a 25-year of knowledge and experiences in Chemical Engineering and Sr. Level Management with large multi-national corporations, advancing with increasing responsibilities in Manufacturing & Operation (practical knowledge of the arts), Process Technology & Optimization (refinement of the arts), Design & Construction (applied knowledge of the arts), Research & Development (innovation of the arts), Global Management role as the Director Process Technology (harnessing the collective intellectual power), Executive Management role as a Sr. Director & Global Head of Manufacturing Process Optimization (delivering technologically advanced, game changing solutions), and finally as the Founder of Sals Technology & Engineering, LLC (create breakthrough technologies and transform industry). As a practicing Chemical Engineer, Mr. Huynh has successfully engaged in the engineering, procurement, construction, management and start-up of multiple brown and green field facilities in excess of 50 million USD. In his management role, Mr. Huynh directly managed diverse multi-national offices and teams in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, with an annual department budget of 25 million USD and delivering cost benefits in excess of 200 million USD.

Mr. Huynh has expertise in the following areas:

  • New product development from concept to commercialization
  • Process technology and process engineering
  • Engineering, procurement, construction and management
  • Plant commissioning and operations
  • Manufacturing and process optimization, ISO and cGMP
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – assessment, valuation and integration
  • Leadership and multi-cultural experiences with global management experiences


Vision – Sals Technology & Engineering’s (STE) mission is to develop innovative processes, products and technologies that provide significant breakthroughs or enhancements to current and emerging challenges with water conservation, use, recycle and treatment for a wide range of platforms including point-of-use, portable, off-grid and fixed installations.

Intellectual Property – Huy Huynh has developed two patents pending for advanced water treatment processes. The DFT invention is a transformational filtration technology for solid-liquid and solid-gas separation technologies. The ACT water treatment invention is an innovative process design that provides a total solution for water treatment.  The fields of science and technology used in the invention include catalysis, chemistry, electrochemical reaction, mass and energy transfer, material science, microbial control, photochemical reaction, physical chemistry, and physics that are combined with innovative process design to provide a total solution for water treatment.  The invention is a departure from the standard drinking water treatment technologies commonly used today.