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Website: http://www.henkel.com/

Contact:  Dan Oberle, Global Market Development
Phone:  908-655-2998
Email:  dan.oberle@Henkel.com

Henkel Corp.
One Henkel Way
Rocky Hill, CT

About Henkel:

Henkel is the company behind many brands that you know and trust, including Loctite, Technomelt, and Teroson.  The company doesn’t just sell glue, we sell systems; systems that improves performance, reduces costs, and expose design freedoms for designers and manufacturing engineers.  Often Henkel is the enabling technology, which opens the opportunity to do things that otherwise can’t be done. Increase surface area, reduce pressure drop, join dissimilar materials….and other design freedoms enabled by adhesive technology

Henkel is a global innovation company specializing in adhesives, sealants and coatings.  Centered in Dusseldorf Germany, with North American HQ in Rocky Hill CT and manufacturing operations everywhere.  Our portfolio is broad, deep and includes many adhesive and sealant technologies that you haven’t even dreamed of yet.  Core products like hotmelts, cyanoacrylates, and polyurethanes, along with advanced technology such as light curing acrylics, silicones, anaerobics and a stable of hybrid chemistries (consider, for instance, the speed of CA with the durability of epoxy).

Henkel has a dedicated global team focused specifically on the filtration industry.  Typical applications are pleat separation and sealing, media or hollow fiber membrane potting, membrane bonding and reinforcement, gasket bonding or replacement (formed-in-place gaskets), and end cap replacement.  Advanced technology applications include media reinforcement via light cure technology, high temperature end cap bonding, KTW/NSF approved epoxies, and blister-free membrane adhesives

The Henkel Filtration team collaborates with many media and membrane manufacturers for adhesive/sealant compatibility testing and fitness for use qualifications in certain applications.  Similar alliances with dispensing and automation system providers offers a unique and complete systems capability from your adhesive supplier.