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Website: http://gvs.com

Contact: Karen Roberts
Phone: (415) 999-6859
Email: karen.roberts@gvs.com

GVS North America, Inc.
63 Community Drive
Sanford, ME  04073 USA

About GVS Life Sciences

GVS Life Sciences can be your filtration and separations solutions partner for nearly any application.

Whether you are a researcher in a university laboratory or a scientist developing a new product, GVS Life Sciences can be a valuable filtration resource for you. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy and with manufacturing plants in the USA, England, Italy, Brazil, China and Romania, GVS Life Sciences leverages its world-class production capabilities alongside its extensive in-house filtration membrane manufacturing to be recognized as a global leader in the filtration industry.

We offer a full range of branded products through a worldwide network of dealers and distributors. Our capabilities are also available on an OEM basis. We work closely with companies around the world to provide state of the art materials solutions and/or turnkey final product solutions used in critical applications for the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, food & beverage and environmental monitoring markets.

GVS manufactures the broadest range of microporous membranes in the world including phase inversion membranes using polymers such as polyethersulfone (PES), nylon (NY), cellulose acetate (CA), mixed esters of cellulose (MCE), regenerated cellulose (RC), polyvinyldiflouride (PVDF) as well as track-etched microporous membranes utilizing polycarbonate and polyester films. This capability can also be coupled with our unique post-treatment capabilities for rendering hydrophobic membranes hydrophilic or oleophobic as well enhancing signal generation for research and diagnostics.

To learn how we can partner with you to bring your development ideas to life, contact us at CustomerCareGVSLS@GVS.com or call 1-866-736-1250.

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