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Web Site: www.ahlstrom-munksjo.com

Contact: Willy Bordignon
Phone: 864-288-7591
Email: willy.bordignon@ahlstrom.com, filtration@ahlstrom.com

Ahlstrom Filtration, LLC
2 Elm Street
Windsor Locks, CT 06096

About Ahlstrom Munksjö

Ahlstrom Filtration manufactures and distributes high quality web media for the filtration market. These materials are used in a multitude of applications such as industrial cartridges, potable water filters, membrane substrates, pleat support, plate & frame, fast food, coolant, process filtration…

The research and development scientists of Ahlstrom Filtration unit are experienced in developing media used in highly specialized process filtration applications. The Unit’s business sales base handles media development beginning with design process and follows with manufacturing, converting and marketing the unique filtration and absorbent media products.

Ahlstrom’s continued commitment to its customers’ success is supporter through registered adherence to I.S.O 9001 standards and its more than 100-year tradition of providing superior service and quality products.

Ahlstrom Filtration offers a wide range of media:

  • High Purity Cellulose
  • Glass Fiber Media
  • Engineered Composites
  • Nonwovens:
  • Hollytex (calendered nonwovens)
  • Hollyweb PP and PET Spunbonds
  • Meltblown PP
  • Wetlaid
  • Trinitex
  • DisruptorTM technology

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