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Website: www.bhs-filtration.com
Contact: Tom Adams, President & Managing Director
Phone: (980) 256-1207

Email: [email protected]

BHS-Sonthofen Inc.
14300 South Lakes Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273-6794

BHS expertise is thin-cake (3 mm – 25 mm) filtration, cake washing and drying.  We have technologies based upon both pressure and vacuum filtration, for batch or continuous operations from high solids slurries (up to 50% solids) to clarification applications with solids to 1% and less (trace amounts). Our installations include chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, refineries/gas plants, biochemical/bioenergy, minerals and mining and other critical filtration applications.

BHS filters provide alternatives to centrifuges, nutsche filters/filter-dryers, rotary vacuum filters and filter presses as well as manual plate filters, bag filters and other conventional separation equipment.  Our units offer full containment and automatic discharge of solids.  Each of our products is available in a small scale kilo-lab unit to over 200 m².  Preliminary bench-scale tests can be conducted either in our labs in Charlotte, NC or at your facility to determine the most applicable filtration method for your specific application.