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American Filtration and Separations Society was founded on the many values of education, technology, collaboration, and networking to optimize positive impacts for our employers, businesses, and end-users. Participation in AFS facilitates each of these pillars in different ways. We also know there are very few industries or technologies that exist without being enabled or supported by one or more varieties of filtration technologies.

Filtration markets can be characterized in many different ways….geographies, shipment volumes, applications, scales, technologies, or others. In knowing these various aspects of segmentation, we better know the context of the role we are currently playing as well as the opportunities that exist outside our current  market participation. Toward this outlook of better understanding markets and their segments, AFS is pleased to provide Market Landscape Reports to its Corporate Sponsor and Consultant–level members. Two such market landscape reports are provided to these members per year, and AFS believes such information is just another tool in the educational keys to success in filtration markets. AFS does not author these reports, nor do we believe these are the only aspects required for successful business deployment, but that these reports augment what we already know, from the perspective of a third party.

We think you will agree, once you have a chance to read the detail of these reports that they provide a valuable perspective for us to move forward with better understanding of the markets in which filtration adds value.

These AFS Market Landscape Reports are strictly confidential, exclusively for current Corporate Sponsor or Consultant members in good standing, and are not to be shared outside the entity that paid for this benefit.

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