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Search Directions:

You can search the Standards Database by selecting an option from one of the dropdown menus or by entering a search term in one of the text boxes. When you enter a search term, the displayed results will be any item that contains that search term. If you make selections in multiple fields the search uses an “and” criteria. So the displayed results will be any item that contains the criteria of all the fields used.


The results will display in column view the four fields: Organization, Number, Title and Market Segment. The results will also have a link called “Details”. This link will show the same information on an individual page and will also include a link to a web site where you can access the standard. There are 25 results displayed at one time. At the bottom of the results page are arrows that will direct you to additional pages if they are needed. The results can be sorted by any of the four fields by clicking on the column title. You can reverse the sort by clicking on the column title a second time.

Search Tips:

You can use “quotes” for a more exact search in the text boxes. For example, if you are searching for “water filtration” put quotes around the phrase. This will display only those results that have the phrase “water filtration”. If you entered the same term without quotes, then the results will show everything that has either the term “water” or the term “filtration”.