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What is AFS?

This is the acronym for the American Filtration & Separations Society, a technical educational nonprofit organization started in 1987 to provide a forum for exchange of information among engineers, scientists, and technologists in all areas of the fluid/particle separation field. AFS is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 12 elected directors, 6 officers, and the presidents of all active chapters. Each spring the Annual Technical Conference & Expo is sponsored to present over 100 papers on a wide-ranging list of subjects. Included each year is the AFS Filtration Basics Short Course. The expo showcasing industry related products and services by 75+ exhibitors is organized. Topical conferences on specific topics are held annually in the summer and/or fall.

Importance of Education

The AFS Society has predicated its existence on the dissemination of information, education, and the encouragement of research. It is developing a university textbook for high level separations technology. Two research grants, pairing universities with industry, were granted in 1998. Student poster competitions are an integral part of the annual technical conferences, while longer range plans call for expanded activities on the broad field of education. An education endowment has been established in 1998 to fund future activities.

What Technologies?

Strong emphasis is given to both liquid and gas separations. Perhaps the major thrust is on filtration processes involving the use of permeable barrier to effect separation. Other concepts receive careful study, especially procedures involving the separation of particles from liquid by non-barrier techniques.

Within these fields are areas of interest involving the hardware, the appropriate filter media, the overall system and its operation, product evaluation and monitoring, instrumentation, ancillary products such as supports, resins and adhesives, requirements for specific applications, safety and health aspects, selection protocols, and particle science and characterization.

Understanding the basic aspects of the processes, and the mathematical modeling of these operations will play an important role in improved design and operation.

Who Belongs to AFS?

Membership is drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, including end users, marketing and distribution engineers, product designers, research scientists, raw material designers, company management, consultants, academicians, and officials of government. Thus the interest runs from the extremely theoretical to applied engineering.

Local Chapters of AFS

Regional chapters present talks to groups organized throughout North America. Chapters include: Canada, Northwest, New England, Empire State, Mid-Atlantic, Pittsburgh, Great Lakes, Midwest, North Central, Dixie, Southwest, and Gold & Silver States. Membership in National AFS automatically brings membership in a chapter in your region.

Networking With Others

In addition to education and professional advancements, members appreciate the opportunity to network and link with other industry professionals and peers. Many members feel that building these personal relationships contributes to their individual success.

Membership Details

Individual membership in the AFS is available for $125/year (US), $125/year (Canada, Mexico) and $125/year (outside North America). It includes membership in a local chapter, subscription to the Filtration Journal, AFS Newsletter and reduced registration fees for the various conferences. Corporate memberships can also be obtained to allow a company to join with leading names in the industry for the support and development of AFS activities.


The Society’s official publication, The Filtration Journal, brings peer reviewed technical papers to the members. The “AFS Newsletter” contains timely information about AFS and the filtration and separations industry. Both publications are included in your membership fee.

Due to AFS’s association with the industry’s leading magazines, our members receive a complimentary subscription to Filtration News, an Eagle Press publication. Members also have the opportunity to subscribe to Filtration & Separation, an Elsevier Trends Division publication, at nearly half price.

For Further Details

Contact us at:
618 Church St., Ste 520
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: (615) 250-7792
Fax : (615) 254-7047
Email: afs@afssociety.org
Website: www.afssociety.org

Lyn Sholl, CMP
Executive Director
Email:  lyn@afssociety.org
hone:  (615) 250-7792

Deahna Cring
Conference Coordinator
Email:  deahna@afssociety.org
hone:  (615) 345-9586