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International Filtration News

Started in 1987, AFS is focused on adding value to AFS membership by providing a venue where people with an interest in Fluid/Particle Separation meet to exchange ideas, share technology advancements, identify needs and opportunities, spot trends and changes in the industry and learn from each other.

To this end AFS organizes annual Technical Conferences, Topical conferences, short courses and expositions. AFS also publishes "Filtration Basics" Short Course Notes, as well as conference proceedings. AFS regularly publishes a newsletter updating news and events of the society and its corporate sponsors. AFS members also receive Filtration Journal as a benefit of their membership.

With over 300 members AFS provides a unique forum for anyone involved in Fluid/Particle Separations to interact and learn, share experiences and gain new insights. Isn't it time you joined your peers? See what motivated our Corporate Sponsors to be involved with the AFS.