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W. L. Gore & Associates

Web Site:  www.gore.com

Phone:  800-437-5427

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
101 Lewisville Road
Elkton, MD 21922-1100, USA

About W. L. Gore:
Filtration – Gore applies 35 years of expanded fluoropolymer technology to the most demanding air and liquid filtration challenges.From abating high-volume industrial emissions to processing ultrapure chemicals and water for microelectronics fabrication to protecting valuable products in life science industries, Gore filtration technologies are the first choice for peak performance in critical applications:

•Filters for Semiconductors and Microelectronics
•Air-intake Filters for Gas Turbines and Air Compressors
•Pulse-jet and Reverse Air Filters for Industrial Baghouses
•Dioxin and Furan Filters for Waste Incineration
•Fermentation Air Filters for Pharmbio Processes
•Sterilizing-Grade Vent Filters
•Vacuum and Power Tool Filters
•Filters for Kraft Pulp Mills and Chlor-alkali Plants
•Disk Drive Filtration
•Outdoor Electronics Cabinet Cooling Filters
•Microfiltration Media
•Mercury Control Systems

For more information, please visit our filtration web page: https://www.gore.com/products/categories/filtration