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Contact: Christine Potratz
Phone: 800 995 0531

Sefar Inc.
111 Calumet Street
Buffalo, NY 14043

About Sefar
Sefar Inc. is the North American branch of the Sefar Group. Sefar is a leading manufacturer of precision woven synthetic mesh serving the filtration industry for over 180 years. Headquartered in Switzerland, Sefar is globally present across five continents, in more than 20 countries.Sefar Inc. is the leading manufacturer of monofilament precision fabrics for customer-tailored solutions for separating, coating and dosing in industrial processes and filter components. Sefar filter media–available both in rolls and as prefabricated products–are used in the most demanding of applications, from industrial process filtration to blood filtration. Sefar fabrics allow for better particle distribution, increased effluent clarity and more even cake formation, providing you with better efficiency in your filtration process.Sefar knows the importance of filtration and separation in many industries, including the processing of minerals and organic materials, in chemical and pharmaceutical production, in the food and beverage industry and in the healthcare industry, and offers a number of products and fabrics to suite industry needs and demands.All of our products are produced to industry specific guidelines, as well as to our own manufacturing standards, which are performed in accordance with ISO 9001 regulations. Many of our products are manufactured in cleanrooms. Our applications specialists can make on-site suggestions as to the optimum filter medium. With our wide range of fabrics, we offer solutions for almost every industrial environment paying close attention to chemical, thermal and mechanical considerations.

Sefar Inc. has four US facilities to serve you.

• Buffalo, NY
• Ontario, California
• Kansas City, Missouri
• Gray, GA