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Website: www.quantachrome.com
Contact: Steve Hubbard
Phone: (561)731-4999
Email: qc.sales@quantachrome.com

1900 Corporate Dr
Boynton Beach, FL 33426 (USA)

About Quantachrome:
Quantachrome Instruments is a leading manufacturer of instruments for characterizing porous materials. Founded in 1968, now ISO9001:2008 registered, Quantachrome serves a multitude of industries including filtration. Our recently introduced capillary flow Porometer 3G series continues the tradition of the Coulter Porometer, from which it evolved, in a sleek compact package powered by fast electronic pressure control and Windows software. The Porometer 3G is used to determine through-pore sizes in filtration media by the classical capillary flow, or liquid expulsion technique. The method is equally applicable to woven, non-woven and membrane structures, sheet and hollow fiber. Bubble point and permeability values are measured in the same analysis as pore size, saving the operator both sample preparation and analysis time.

Quantachrome’s gas sorption analyzers are used to determine surface area, pore size and pore volume of adsorbents like activated carbon and zeolites.

Our applications laboratory, LabQMC, provides no-charge evaluation testing for those customers considering the purchase of an instrument, and a fee-based analytical service for those customers who prefer to outsource their measurements. In addition to the measurements outlined above, LabQMC also has the capability to perform particle size analysis by laser diffraction in both liquid and dry dispersions.

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