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Website: http://www.gkdusa.com

Contacts: Brian Dayton
Phone: 410-901-8426
Email: brian@gkdusa.com

Contacts: John Trader
Phone: 410-901-8421
Email: johnt@gkdusa.com

825 Chesapeake Drive
Cambridge MD 21613

Phone: 410-901-8426 Direct
Toll Free: 800-453-8616

About GKD-USA:
Based in Cambridge Maryland and headquartered in Düren, Germany, we are one of the world’s leading technical weaving mills. We are consistently setting new standards and breaking new ground in the field of Filtration and Separation with high quality innovative products and specifically woven individual solutions. Our meshes are available in widths of up to eight meters.

GKD weaving looms are state of the art and range in capability from very fine micron fabric to wide, robust cloths. All have a purpose and allow us to meet filtration, size and durability characteristics for specific applications across the spectrum of liquid, solid and gas filtration. Our skilled craftsmen perform a wide range of fabricating and finishing processes, such as cutting, slitting, punching, rolling, edging, assembling and welding using the most up to date tools and equipment. In house continuous annealing adds to our capabilities.

Of course, the engineering and design service starts this whole process. Exclusive GeoDict and WeaveGeo software can design, interpret, evaluate and predict a weave in a virtual environment with extremely accurate results, down to highly specific geometry. Creating a new weave or troubleshooting an existing mesh in its’ environment is fast, thorough and accurate.

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