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Contact:Paul Hulme, Market Manager – NAFTA
Phone: +1 828 782 7962
Sales: 770-514-2209

1395 South Marietta Parkway, Building 700, Suite 708
Marietta, GA 30067 USA

About Bekaert:
Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coatings. Bekaert is a global company with headquarters in Belgium, employing over 27000 people worldwide. Serving customers in 120 countries, Bekaert pursues sustainable profitable growth in all its activities.Bekaert Fiber Technologies are the manufacturers of Bekipor®, a family of metal fiber, nonwoven media produced to match your quality, productivity, handling and manufacturing requirements. Consisting of very fine metal fibers of a precise diameter, Bekipor® excels in strength while maintaining a very thin cross section. Due to its unique structure, Bekipor®features a high porosity that is ideal for fine filtration applications and contributes to a more efficient use of energy, allowing you to save on operating costs and reducing the impact on the environment. Bekipor®is highly adaptable to any application or requirement. To meet your needs, we are able to combine any number of the media’s properties including: classic and special alloys, fiber diameters, web structures, unit weights, layer configurations, sintering degrees, sheets sizes and rolls, and more. For you, we can create infinite possibilities.

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