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One Minute Filtrationsm Articles

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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges Remove Impurities

Activated carbon has long been used to remove chlorine and other impurities from water and other liquids.  Activated carbon is available in various cartridge forms to fit standard industrial housings. An example of the effective use of carbon cartridges is the food processor who produces bagged salads using process water to rinse lettuce and vegetables before packaging. 


Dust and Filtration in Space

space-filterDid you know that filtration is alive and essential in space? Air filtration, while ubiquitous on earth, is essential for the confined and closed spaces found in space habitats. The required air cleaning and filtration systems not only need to remove a broad size range of particles, such as skin flakes, hair and clothing fibers, and other substances from food and hygiene operations, but they must also remove any extraterrestrial planetary dust tracked into the habitat by the crew returning from exploration, as well as debris from operating machinery and equipment inside the habitat – all without make-up air or venting.


The Recovery of Hydrocarbon Aerosols from Natural Gas Streams

Liquid/Air Separations in the Oil & Gas Industry - The Recovery of Hydrocarbon Aerosols from Natural Gas Streams

Removing liquids and solids from a gas stream is very important in refining and gas processing applications. Effective removal of these contaminants can prevent costly problems and downtime with downstream equipment like compressors, turbines, and burners. In addition, hydrocarbons and solid contaminants can induce foaming in an amine contactor tower and can contribute to premature catalyst change-outs in catalytic processes. In compressors that use oil to lubricate cylinders, the lube oil often gets into the discharge gas causing contamination downstream.


Gas Monetization: How are we doing? (Part 2 of 2)

This article is Part 2 of a series on Gas Monetization. Gas Monetization refers to activities related to domestic natural gas production. In Part 1, liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export was discussed.  In Part 2, we will explore activities in the remaining three application areas:
1.    Electrical power generation
2.    Motor fuel for transportation
3.    Chemical production


Every Filtration Media has a Purpose

There are eight major material categories for filtration media: ceramics, filter aids, monofilament nonwoven fabrics, membranes, fabricated metals, porous plastics and wet-laid fibers. Moreover, there are other types and many variants of these eight major categories.


Is a "Pinhole" a Serious Problem in an Air Filter Media?

by Peter P. Tsai
The University of Tennessee

"Pinhole" can easily happen to a filter media during manufacturing or converting processes. Microglass fiber media are fragile. A shot making a pinhole or pinholes in the fabrics can frequently occur in electrospinning and in meltblowing (MB) processes. How seriously will a pinhole affect the filtration efficiency (FE) of a filter media?


Advances in Polymer Filtration

Metal fiber media used extensively in polymer production have been significantly improved in recent years. Familiar geometries, such as flat packs, pleated packs, leaf discs and pleated candles, continue to be offered, and metal fiber media deployed in a pleated candle form remains the most common filtration method for various polymer producers.